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nun·a·tak, /ˈnənəˌtak/ – A nunatak is an exposed, often rocky element of a ridge, mountain, or peak not covered with ice or snow within an ice field or glacier. Nunataks present readily identifiable landmark reference points.


Nunatak Design offers professional quality graphic design, photography, and video services with a personal quality and attention to detail in every project.


The name for Nunatak Design comes from The Nunatak itself, a peak bounding the southern shore of Nuntak Fjord within Russel Fjord Wilderness Area.


I remember the first time I flew into Russell Fjord. I was in the back of a four-seater prop plane. After flying over the forelands, the plane lifted over the ridge-line to expose the length of Russell Fjord, the end of which was capped by the face of Hubbard Glacier dumping ice into the surging current of Disenchantment Bay. We rounded the Nunatak. The port wing dipped low as we swung around. We dropped quickly, the gravel rose to meet the big balloon wheels and we bounced down the beach to a stop. Out the window the Nunatak stood like a paramount sentinel.


I’ve had the opportunity to visit the Nunatak since then and every time, it leaves an impression.  The lines of the peak, the glacier streaking down it’s flanks, and the deep cirques seem to stick with me. It is an elegant and memorable mountain.  I try to make work that emulates the Nunatak: clean, elegant, and memorable.


Folks call me Andis.  I’m the owner and designer at Nunatak.


I started Nunatak Design because I love the process of starting from scratch to create something that is both useful and artistic.


My philosophy on design is simple: you put a lot of passion and skill into your work—I strive to make sure my products reflect that same passion and skill.


I also have a huge soft-spot for hard-working non-profits. That’s why I use a sliding scale for pricing. In other words, if you are a non-profit, the amount you pay is based on the size of your organization.


Contact me and let’s talk about your design or photography needs. I look forward to working with you.



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